The Stone Financial Group, Inc
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Enhance Revenue Generation
-    Develop budgets for projects, programs, the total organization
-   Assist with grant applications
-   Develop proposals for funders and investors 
-   Conduct cost/benefit analysis of your programs and services
-   Provide job costing for specific product lines or for specific clients   

SFG  takes care to provide a full range of high quality financial management and analysis services to help you better serve your clients and organization.  

SFG takes pride in delivering these services in a professional, courteous and efficient manner.

-   Serve as you contract chief financial officers
-   Install and set-up accounting software, such as QuickBooks
-   Provide all staff training and support on software
-   Perform periodic analysis of financial systems and reports 

Strengthen Your Financial Management Systems
-   Produce board and regulatory reporting 
-   Create earnings forecasts and simulations
-   Assist with the strategic planning process
-   Provide specialized financial reporting and analysis   

In-Depth Financial and Operational Support

.P. O. Box 74342, Richmond, VA 23236                          (804) 745-5568