The Stone Financial Group, Inc
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About The Stone Financial Group, Inc
Melody Stone, CPA and president of SFG founded the organization in 2004. 
With more than 20 years of experience in financial management, Melody provides her clients with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  During her diverse career, she has handled a multitude of projects including the financial management of a $50+million real estate development firm as well as the financial forecasting for a major Central Virginia Bank.

 Since SFG opened its doors, every client has been treated as if they were a part of this family.   Other companies may offer similar services, but services from SFG are the best, and come with a personal touch.  

Helping you serve your clients better . . . .

                    Whether SFG is assisting you with your internal financial systems, enhancing your revenue generating activities or helping you to implement new programs, you will have the opportunity to focus on serving your clients better and be able to devote more time to their needs.

Helping your understand your business better . . . . .

                    The analysis SFG provides relates directly to your own business operations.  Moreover, the resulting data is understandable and useful to you.  This gives you a fresh new insight into your business - from managing your expenses better to taping into expanded funding sources.

Helping you make smart business decisions . . . .

                    As a busy executive and business owner, you have many jobs to perform - and little time to get everything done.  By evaluating your budget and operations in a timely manner, SFG can help ensure that your goals and objectives are met.